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Babies are a wonderful addition to any family, they are so small and have a smell that is uniquely their own. Along with a new baby comes a need for many things, bottles, diapers, formula, wipes, diaper bag and of course a new crib just to name a few. Currently, people are on the go more than ever before, which has brought about the invention of the portable crib.


In early times, children often slept with their parents until they were old enough for a small bed of their very own. When the first cribs were made around the mid 1700's, they were likely to be more like cradles than actual cribs as we know them today and a portable cribs was unheard of. Baby cribs were only for the extremely wealthy in those times.

Playpen Early Portable Cribs

The playpen is the forerunner of the portable cribs. The earliest mention of the playpen is in the Oxford English dictionary from 1902. These play yards were set up to keep children safe while parents were otherwise occupied. Traditionally made of wood, they had vertical bars extending higher than the height of the child and had a soft mat for flooring. Many of these would fold up and as parent's lives became busier, they would suffice as a portable crib for outings.

Today a portable cribs can be a simple pack and play type or a fold away portable cribs. The first is the most popular as they are soft sided, and pack down very small, making them excellent for travel. The second type looks much like an actual crib but folds away for temporary storage or travel, these are a bit bulkier than the pack and play type portable cribs, but are perfect if you need it only for occasional overnight visitors with small children.

Pack and Play Portable Crib Graco is a popular brand for a reasonably priced portable crib. Many retailers across the country carry them and they will retail for about $80 before tax. This wonderful portable crib comes with everything you need for a variety of traveling situations.
• Weighs less than 20 pounds
• Canopy with removable soft toys
• Wheels
• Mesh sided
• Push button fold Graco offers a wide variety of portable cribs that range in price from $80-200 depending on the amenities.

Fold Away Portable Crib Dream on me is a popular baby furniture brand and they offer several types of portable cribs, including a fold away model. These baby beds look identical to a real baby bed but fold away for storage and travel; since they fold away, they take a much thinner mattress than traditional baby beds. This is something some parents are not very fond of.
• Dual hooded locking wheels
• Solid Beachwood
• Drop side rail
• Two position mattress
• $99.

A portable crib is a convenience that most parents would not know how to live without. They provide comfort for the baby in many situations and convenience for the parents. However, there have been a few safety concerns associated with a portable cribs that you should be aware of.

• Recalls- There have been safety recalls for various reasons and most of these models have been pulled from the shelf. However if you are borrowing or purchasing a used crib, be sure you check the web for these important recalls, a visit to the manufacturers website should give you all the information.

• All portable cribs with mesh sides should have a tight weave to prevent toes or fingers from becoming stuck or injured.

• Purchasing an old wooden portable crib is not a good idea. The paint could contain lead and the distance between the bars could allow a small head to become lodged.

• Measure the top rail of your portable crib; it should be 22 inches from the floor to be safe from escape artists. Of course, the size of the child should be considered as well, if they are as tall or taller than the portable crib, it is not safe.

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