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With the portable booths, one can easily solve the problem of displaying goods and improving its marketing and advertising. Get the best portable display booths and give an added advantage to your business.

Exhibit booths are basically stalls set up at a major trade event organized in order to attract more attendees to the trade show. If you set up an impressive tradeshow exhibit booth, it will lead to enhanced greater future sales. Portable booths have to be attractive and luring in order to make a lasting impression. You must aim to present your tradeshow exhibit booth in a vivid manner and capture everyone's attention. Visual stimulation is the single most powerful tool for creating a lasting impression. For this very reason, you have to present yourself in a very welcoming and homely manner. If you fail to present your exhibit booth in an alluring manner, then your exhibit booth is most likely to get lost in a sea of other display booths.

Features of a Portable display booth:

There are so many tradeshow display booth options available today that would literally confuse you. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. You need to decide which would be best to suit your requirements. A portable booth is a perfect solution for all events and some of the reasons for this are given below:

  • Portable booths are less costly as compared to permanent tradeshow booths.
  • These are more convenient to administer and can be easily set up as well as dismantled. The panels also are not very heavy and can be easily handled.
  • The Display unit should be suitably planned, so that even the unit staff can efficiently use it.
  • Among the other advantages, one major advantage is that the portable booth can be dismantled to several parts and can be easily shipped to its destination and the same can be quickly assembled too.
  • These panels hold your marketing aids such as visual printouts.
  • The panels can be effortlessly updated year after year, or event after event - only by having new panels printed. This process can be completed before the booth reaches the venue, so that there is no panic in the last minute.
  • It offers a lot of flexibility because the booth can be reorganized and collectively used by different departments of your organization, just by changing panels.
  • The panel inserts can be modified to suit and make appropriate for any conventional trade event.
  • Portable booths can be configured into different arrangements, in such a manner that you can even add or remove parts to suit your rental space. Thus, you can participate in different events without spending extra bucks. If you own a portable exhibit booth, you are sure to get the right fit each time.
  • The key to getting the right portable tradeshow booth is by getting the right booth designer.

Advantages of having a portable booth:

  • Portable booth are very versatile in the sense that they are easy to carry and assemble. They allow you to attain a strong presence in different events in different space configurations.
  • They provide you a cost-effective solution as compared to custom-made trade show displays.
  • You can add eye-catching graphics and designs that are much less expensive than the custom-made tradeshow displays. You are able to expand your sales and marketing budget while making an impact.
  • Portable booths come with lightweight frames that can be snapped together and takes few minutes to assemble or dismantle. They can be easily transported. This saves your company the expense and hassle of having to buy multiple booths for different events.
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Portable Booths

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This article was published on 2010/04/02