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Despite the recent inclusion of radio features in many electronic devices, portable radios have maintained their popularity in modern times. The portable radios in modern times offer significantly more features than vintage radio systems. Newer portable radios are capable of providing high quality audio and much more. Many portable radio players have native support for virtually types of media including DVDs, CDs and SD memory cards. Portable radios have an inbuilt storage unit that is capable of holding music and recording radio shows. The portable radios have inbuilt rechargeable battery packs which allow it to be taken on the go. It can be plugged into a car or plug point for recharging and it will be fully charged in a few hours. The quality of the sound and components of the portable radios vary with the price of the unit.

Portable radios have become more carry friendly with advances in commercial electronics. Many models have taken the shape of mobile phones, armbands and even wristwatches. The shapes of the modern portable radios make it practical and efficient. The modern portable radios have stopped using analog controls and now come in digital. Digitalizing the portable radio has reduced the amount of controls and shrunk the overall size of the portable radio. Portable radios utilize satellite technology to allow users to connect to a variety of different news channels. Portable radios also utilize this technology to allow users to tune into radio stations on the Internet. Portable radios have come a long way since standard FM and AM frequency bandwidths. Adaptations such as satellite technology have allowed the portable radio to hold its value in the electronic market.

There are numerous media formats that can be used to store tracks and recorded audio clips. Some popular formats are mp3, mp4 and wave. These formats are standard computer media formats, which are universal in usage. The memory of portable radios can be expanded using larger SD memory cards. Headphones and earphones can be plugged into the portable radios for private listening. The high fidelity sound of the portable radios allows users to tune out background noise and listen to clear sound. This makes the portable radio a viable entertainment device for anyone.

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Miniature portable radios

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This article was published on 2011/06/21